Specific Adaptations To Imposed Demands


Specific Adaptations To Imposed Demands

specific adaptation to imposed demands

You have to continue to change your exercises and routine; otherwise, your body will not change. If you continue to lift 140 pounds on the bench press, overtime you will not see any progression. You have to continue to manipulate the variables (reps, sets, intensity, rest periods, etc) to keep making progress for the specific goal you have.

Here are the rep and set acute variables for the 5 phases of training.

Phase 1-Stabilization Endurance:

reps: 12-20

sets: 1-3

The reps will be done at a slow pace for this goal. The exercises will be performed in a controlled, unstable environment.

Phase 2-Strength Endurance:

reps: 8-12

sets: 2-4

A stabilization exercise is performed immediately after a strength endurance exercise.

 Phase 3-Hypertrophy:

reps: 6-12

sets: 3-5

This will be done at the same pace as the strength endurance phase.

Phase 4-Max strength:

reps: 1-5

sets: 4-6

This will be done at a much faster pace than the hypertrophy phase.

Phase 5-Power:

reps: 8-10

sets: 3-5

You will superset a max strength exercise followed by a power exercise in this phase.

For more information on S.A.I.D or if you have any questions on any of these phases feel free to contact me at my website below.


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