Inspire The Fire Within: Motivating And Inspiring Physiques Online [3rd Edition]

We all have seen a physique that we would love to have. Looking at pictures of people with a similar physique as to the one we want, can help motivate and inspire us to achieve it. It takes hard work, dedication …

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Why Do We Fall: Motivational Video

It isn’t about hard you hit, its about hard you get hit and keep moving forward…. how much you can take and keep moving forward- Rocky If you want something, go get it…. period- Pursuit of Happyness If you know …

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The Glycemic Index And The Facts You Should Know

glycemic index

Muscle building diets revolve around the Glycemic index whether you know it or not. This scale has been developed to help you understand how the various carbohydrate rich foods that you eat act upon the body and which will be …

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Darla Hathaway’s Final Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

darla hathaway

Wow!! I can’t believe my baby is already 6.5 months old!! Over the last several months I have continued to work very hard at losing the rest of the weight I gained during my difficult pregnancy. I will say that it has …

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